A number of developments are at basis of the vision of the foundation. Today’s and future mobility faces several challenges:

Of all these challenges, mobility seems to be the most important factor. The Netherlands, with all its polders and dykes is an expensive country to maintain. Good mobility make our country attractive for foreign countries to continue to invest and settle. Something that we can use to maintain prosperity in our expensive country with an aging population and the current economic situation.

Unfortunately, the current mobility is stagnating. The car reigns supreme as the ideal private transport. The solutions devised so far are often half-hearted. Electric cars are indeed good for local air quality, but do not help against the impending gridlock (which even the innovative superbus has to endure within city limits). Automobiles are simply not mass transport vehicles, in contrast to the public transport. An 150 meter long train replaces a 2.4-kilometer-long queue of cars. Unfortunately the public transport is often poorly or not at all integrated in newly built work and residential locations.

The Freedom of Mobility Foundation wants to make a quantum leap in the overall mobility. The foundation is working on a vision using various personal transport vehicles (not just the car) in combination with public transport to improve door to door travel for everyone.