Vision: A coherent overall system
Our vision is about how we can maintain our mobility for the future. The public transport plays an indispensable role in sustainable mobility. But that must be organised differenty than has been the case until now. Because we want to get rid of the tranportation poverty.

Hence, in our vision we look in a new way at the system. A system that includes airports (often overlooked), infrastructure on land and waterways. We take into account existing elements such as the location of stations and infrastructure, but differently organised. And in another form of governance.

In short: the integration of the entire public transport with individual vehicles. Rail is the most environmentally friendly way to quickly travel great distances. Therefore, we also see opportunities for light rail. Single person vehicles take care of the door to door transportation. By allowing to bring your own bicycle / e-bike along, the traveller wins a great deal of time that would be otherwise lost in (waiting for) the pre- and post transport. This also saves society a lot of money.

An eleboration in areas: