Single-person vehicles

Active cyclistIn our vision, small personal vehicles like the bike, but especially the folding bicycle, play a very important role. The folding bike is not traditionally seen as a fully fledged daily workhorse for heavier people or cargo and baggage. We want to change that image. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers bring proper kinds fashionable folding bikes, with and without pedal assistance, that can be folded small enough to be carried on public transport, suiting the taste of the young and elderly alike.

The bicycle is the most sustainable mode of transport at the shorter distance. Exactly the kind of distances that satisfy the needs of pre-and post transport in public transport. This while the pre-and post transport are the most expensive part of the current public transport system. The folding bike allows for many travellers to bring their personal pre- and post transport vehicle along.

Therefore, we combine the single-person vehicles with public transport to save time and costs. Single-person vehicles, suitable for everyday use and with space to transport small goods, provide door to door transportation, give freedom and can provide people with their own personal status. So the folding bike, mobility scooter, Segway, Trikke, Lyrics, etc. can all brought along. In combination with public transport, they are an alternative to the car.
Mobility scooter
This is also important in an increasingly aging society. People with disabilities or the elderly may remain mobile easier, which saves on subsidies or social security costs.