Quantum leap rail

IRS dubbeldekstreinThe Freedom of Mobility Foundation sees great opportunities for rail in our vision of mobility. Rail is the way to comfortably carry a large numbers of travelers, fast and sustainable over larger distances. With the right rolling stock, rail can be made more attractive and accessible. But the infrastructure must therefore be brought up to date. No longer postponing, papering over the cracks with inexpensive actions that yield next to nothing.

We therefore propose the following improvements for rail in our vision:

We break up the existing rail network into 16 isolated corridors which the Inter RegioSprinter (IRS) will service. Each corridor is designed for fast and high-frequency services. Rails and switches are designed in such a way that they can be quickly replaced. In case of emergency or maintenance, trains can return or change track at any station. The breakdown into rail transport corridors makes for more robust service and easier staff scheduling. This makes it clear to passengers and staff what to expect in case of disturbances.

A corridor
Example of a corridor

Also intercity, stop and freight trains will be separated. We move the intercity trains to their own network. This will provide rail with real capacity for growth. With intercity’s running on their own network, the necessary modifications to the existing rail network can be carried out with much less inconvenience to travelers.

The platforms will be made in such a way that one boards the trains only from the central platform while the outer platforms are reserved for leaving the train. This will ease getting on and off the trains and shorten station dwell times.

Rolling stock
All public transport vehicles will be designed to easily bring along personal (single person) vehicles in large numbers. These personal vehicles provide door to door transportation, give people freedom and a opportunity to distinguish themselves. So the bike, e-bike/step, scooter, Segway, Trikke, Lyrics, etc. can all be brought along.

The public transport vehicles have a level floor entrance without stairs, wheelchair users can board/travel independently.

lay-out concept IRS leading-carriage
lay-out IRS leading-carriage
People with disabilities or the elderly can then be (independently) easier mobile and participate in society.

A corridor is serviced by a fleet of rolling stock of one uniform type. This saves costs in purchase and maintaince. Moreover, it allows for a more efficiently distruted mileage. All seats in the trains have enough space for one’s own comfort zone and to stow away one’s single person vehicle. Electric sockets and Internet are available to do your work. Where possible, there are couches to talk. The rolling stock is equipped with redundantly implemented systems. If despite this, an inter regional sprinter, metro or tram breaks down, it can be coupled to and pushed by a following vehicle.