Global challenges

changing earth
Change, the inevitable future. If we do nothing, not in favour of the Netherlands. Yet there is little action to prepare for the challenges of a different future.

  • World population to 9 billion people:
    We will have a different distribution of wealth. There is only one earth. How will we do more with less?
  • Commodities: In 2013 approximately 700 million people used the majority of all commodities. How will we deal with that if an additional 2 billion people also want the same wealth?
  • Economy:
    Bathing in prosperity, Europeans passively sit back. Will we be able to catch up when the emerging economies have overtaken us?
  • Fuel: We are overly dependent on oil. Which is becoming increasingly scarce. And therefore more expensive. Will we be able to afford that?
  • Environment:
    Particulate matter and air pollution threaten our health. Still most cars drive with only one occupant. How can we bring our situation back into balance?