Trips mainly take place between home, work environment and facilities. The spatial integration and planning of facilities must also connect to the infrastructure.

An appropriate integration ensures good accessibility with less traffic. And that leads to a safer and cleaner environment. So the spatial integration of stations and stops are part of our vision.

Integrating stations and stops
Metro portalStations and stops are no longer the gate of the city, but the church. They should be a destination themselves. Each station / stop gets a feature. This feature can include a shopping mall, hospital, construction outlet, office complex, etc. The idea is that the traffic flows to and from these facilities.

The vision is based on corridors, in which the various stations also have different functions. A stop in a residential area may for example have a mall as a drive. The association Deltametropool is working out concepts like these.

Larger drives can combine multiple functions. The station in Lucerne , Switzerland is a good example of how such a station can be a destination by itself. You can get all your groceries and other necessities till late at night, the underground traverse provides a secure way to cross the busy street above. Therefore it is lively and people feel safe going there. Moreover, being easily accessible by all modes of transport, one need not to waste extra time on driving to a supermarket.