Comments on OV-Magazine newsletter 65

Published in Dutch in OV Magazine newsletter dated jan 15th, 2014 as submitted reaction to an article published earlier.

Dear editors

With astonishment and disbelief I read the article on the quantum train of Ralph Bakker (OV-Magazine newsletter 65 dated December 20th, 2013). Bakker names my name and our foundation Freedom of Mobility. Although the foundation does support the Maglev, we are not convinced by the ET3- and quantum train technology.

Vacuum tubes on this scale of infrastructure are vulnerable and impossible to keep free of leaks. Moreover, the infrastructure is very expensive. The airplane is much more suited for long distance travel. ET3 Capsules are too small and can’t provide the required capacity at peak hours. Also many travellers will find the capsules claustrophobic.

Our foundation Freedom of Mobility only considers existing, tried and tested technology. That is why we are in favour of Transrapid and follow the Maglev technology under construction in Japan. Hence we have no involvement with Ralph Bakker’s initiative.

Wouter van Gessel,
chairman of the foundation Freedom of Mobility

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